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World´s Best Signal Provider For Gold

Start Living Your Dreams With ZTrades

Are you ready to turn your dreams of financial prosperity into a reality? Look no further, because ZTrades is here to make your dreams come true. As the best signal provider for gold trades in the world, we offer you the ultimate opportunity to embark on a journey towards wealth and success in the dynamic world of gold trading.


Performance and results



1200 Pips/120% ✅


425 Pips/42,5%✅


450 Pips/45%✅


250 Pips/25%✅


542 Pips/54,2%✅


410 Pips/40%✅


725 Pips/72,5%✅


865 Pips/86,5%✅


530 Pips/53%✅

*This is an example of an initial investment of 1000$. From Januari to October that investment would have grown to 37069$. This exponential growth is due to our strategy called ''The Compound Effect''. Until now we have been profitable every month. So join now and see for yourself!


925 Pips/92,5%✅


Over 200+ Clients Joined 

It's easy to do great things when you believe in what you're doing. That's why we help people like you. Every day again.

  • GOLD TRADES 90%+ Daily Win Rate Monthly

    Every month
    Perfect for day to day traders. Stop blowing up your accounts and become profitable!
    • Average 700+ Pips Monthly
    • VIP Support
    • Daily 1 to 3 Signals
    • With Free 1 on 1 Mentorship If You Trade on Vantage FX 1k+
  • GOLD TRADES 90%+ Daily Win Rate Monthly

    Join the premium for free if you sign up via Vantage FX, one of the best brokers in the world
    Free Plan
    • Average 700+ Pips Monthly
    • VIP Support
    • Daily 1 to 3 Signals
  • Crypto Altcoin Picks 5x-10x+ Guaranteed

    Perfect for people who want to make a huge profit, with expert crypto advice.
    • Money-Back guaranteed if you haven't got the 5x pick

Proven the best signal provider

Most people lose money following bad and frauduleus signal providing services. Until now 93,7 procent of our trades have been successful. These trades have amassed big profits for current ZTraders.


Every trade is originally, designed and calculated weeks before it has been sent out. What makes us unique is that we don't follow the mainstream ideas and people, we stick to our gameplan. We truly want the best for you. These traits has made us the best signal providing service in the world.

Quality over Quantity

We care about the quality of each trade, if a trade does not fit our standers and riskmanagment we won't sent it out. So maybe you will get one trade in one month but that one trade is almost certain of succes.


Who is Z.

Senior analyst at ZTrades

As an experienced trader with seven years of expertise, I have gained extensive knowledge and experience in all fields of trading, especially with the gold market. With a deep understanding of various markets and trading instruments, I am able to develop and implement effective trading strategies. My success as a trader is attributed to my analytical skills, ability to identify market trends, and disciplined approach. Through my constant pursuit of knowledge and willingness I am always a couple of steps ahead of the media and the competition of market traders.

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